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American Bobtail personality size and lifespan


American Bobtail 1

American bobtail personality 

The American Bobtail, which has a warm and gentle personality, can interact with people while maintaining an exquisite sense of distance.

It is also called a "healing cat" because it does not bite or get angry even if it is persistent.

Especially in the United States, they often participate in animal therapy, which is animal-assisted therapy, and are nicknamed "the golden retriever of the cat world."

Due to its tolerant nature, it can be said that it is a cat breed suitable for families with small children and multiple cats.

American Bobtails are docile and sociable. He has a big body and a dignified face, but he has a kind heart.

There are many children who are good at playing and are full of curiosity, so they react sensitively to things like cat teasers, laser pointers, and insects

There is also an opinion that the character of the American Bobtail has not yet been established. It's a cat breed that I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of personality it will settle down in the future.

History of the American Bobtail

The American bobtail originated in the United States, and it is said that the American Bobtail originated in the 1960s when the Sanders couple in Arizona found a striped cat with a short tail.

It is said that the Sanders couple named it "Yody" and loved it, and it is said that American Bobtail kittens were born by mating with Siamese.

Because it is a relatively famous cat breed, many people think that it is not a cat breed, but it is actually a relatively new cat breed that was first registered with TICA in 1989.

American Bobtail 3

Size and lifespan of the American bobtail

Size and weight

The American Bobtail has pointed triangular ears, a wedge-shaped head, and a well-defined nose.

Its most distinctive feature is its "short tail". There is no superiority or inferiority in the shape and cut of the tail, and even if it is twisted or broken, it is all recognized as a personality.

The average weight of such an American Bobtail is about 4 to 7 kg for adult males and about 3 to 5 kg for females, which is slightly heavier than a normal cat.

Some of them are said to weigh more than 7 kg.       


Before the American Bobtail was established, planned breeding was reviewed once due to the problem of genetic diseases, so it is a cat breed that is difficult to see genetic diseases. Therefore, the average life expectancy is about 12 to 15 years, which is not much different from a general cat.

Characteristics of the American Bobtail 

The head has no flat sides and is generally rounded. It has a deformed wedge shape (inverted triangle) and is characterized by its wide width. The ears are slightly larger than those of other cat breeds, have rounded tips, and are decorated with fur.

The almond-shaped eyes, which give a lovely impression, are slightly slanted but do not give a sharp impression. They also have wider noses and chins than other cat breeds. And because it is a long and substantial type, the body is a solid rectangle and the chest is wide.

The straight back is also a feature of the American Bobtail. Due to their muscular nature, their limbs are well-built, and the tips of their limbs may be slightly larger and rounded than in most cat breeds. In addition, the characteristic short tail is at least 2.5 cm or longer, ideally up to the knee. The tail is short, but when alerted, it can be lifted to the tip of its back.

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