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Maine Coon Cats personality size and color



Maine Coon Cats Personality

You may have an image that cats don't get along well with people and often act alone, but Maine Coon Cats are gentle and easy to get along with people. Many children get along well with their owners, as well as other cats, animal species, and babies. Also, because of their clever nature, they may be able to learn how to use the toilet and how to avoid biting and scratching in a relatively short period of time.

Size of the Maine Coon Cats

A Maine Coon is a cat that grows to about 1 meter in length and is called a giant cat. Boys generally grow larger than girls, and according to the pedigree registry TICA, the standard weight for boys is about 6-8 kg, and for girls about 4-6 kg.

Maine Coon Cats 2

Maine Coon Cats color

Cats have a variety of coat colors even if they are the same breed, but this is the same for Maine Coons. In addition to colors such as black, white, red, gray, and cream, there are also a wide variety of patterns such as solid (single color) and tabby (striped).


Mei Coons have an average lifespan of 11 to 14 years. The average lifespan of a cat in Japan is about 15 years, so it's a little shorter than that.

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