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Sphynx Cats personality weight and lifespan


Sphynx Cats

Sphynx Cats Personality

The Sphinx is said to be the model for the aliens.

Some people may not like their unique appearance, but they are actually said to be very spoiled and easy to keep.

In addition, it is a very popular breed in Europe due to its muscular, exercise-loving side, curiosity, and spoiled personality.

The Sphynx Cats are descended from the Devon Rex, which originated in England, so they are very affectionate and loyal to their owners.

Anyway, it's a cat that loves to be bothered by people, so it's a cute cat that sometimes asks you to play with it.

In addition, because of its social and active personality, it can get along well with other cats and pets, so it is recommended for multiple pets.

Although the Sphynx is said to be hairless, it has thin downy hair that resembles a downy peach.

Also, unlike other cat breeds, they don't have long whiskers, but if you look at the ears and the tip of the body, you can see that they have a little longer hair.

The Sphynx has a short coat, but the well-developed sebaceous glands make it feel warm to the touch. In fact, it is said that the body temperature is about 4 degrees Celsius higher than that of other cats.

The sphinx has almost no fur to protect its body and is vulnerable to changes in temperature. In addition, it can be easily injured, so it can be said that sufficient care is required when keeping it.

The sphinx is full of curiosity and loves to play. In addition, he is very smart and energetic, so he tends to be mischievous since he was a kitten. Therefore, it is important to train them well from an early age.

It has a dog-like personality, so it seems to be the perfect cat breed for people who want a lot of affection from cats.

Weight of the Sphynx Cats

Sphynx Cats 3

At first glance, the sphinx looks slender, but it is quite muscular and heavy. Adult cats weigh about 3.0 to 6.0 kg for males and about 2.5 to 4.0 kg for females. The height is about 24 to 26 cm and the size is classified as a medium-sized cat.

Also, at cat shows, the more wrinkled a sphinx is, the more highly rated it is.

Sphynx Cats 5

Sphynx Kittens

The body type of the Sphynx is considered to be a semi-foreign type, somewhere between Coby and Oriental. The head is rounded and wedge-shaped, and the body is short and heavy.

When they are kittens, they have little muscle mass, so their weight is relatively light, but as they grow into adults, their muscle mass increases. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the kitten is fed a well-balanced diet from an early age.

Sphynx Cats lifespan

The sphinx has a life expectancy of 12-14 years. The average lifespan of all cats is 15.45 years, so it's a little short compared to the average. To keep them healthy for a long time, treat them with love on a daily basis.

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