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French bulldog Personality ,Characteristics and History


French bulldog

French bulldog Personality

French Bulldogs are friendly and cheerful. French, is a bulldog who is curious, but he has an easy-going personality, so he is perfect for families with children. They love to play and keep asking you to play as they please. When pampered, they will occasionally meow.

They are smart and good at studying, but they also have a stubborn side that is unique to bulldogs, so be patient and praise them. If you scold too much, you will become depressed.

It is sensitive to heat and cold, so don't put it outdoors. Even if you put it indoors, you need to control the temperature with an air conditioner when you go out.
It has a voracious appetite and is prone to gaining weight, so proper diet management is necessary. The trachea and neck joints are weak, so a 10-minute walk in the morning and evening is fine.

French bulldog 1

Characteristics of the French bulldog

There are four main coat colors for the French Bulldog. 'Forn' is a light tan, 'Pied' is white with some black markings, 'Brindle' is mostly black with a slight tan, and 'Cream'. "There are. Black-faced deer are called 'black masks,' rare white and brown spots are called 'honey spots,' and spots with vertical patterns are called 'tiger spots.' B. Brindle x White, Fawn x White, and other combinations. French Bulldogs have short, fine hair. It is a dog breed that sheds a lot because its coat changes with the seasons. In addition, since the skin is sensitive, it is recommended to brush frequently with a rubber brush or wipe the body with a towel that has been squeezed out with lukewarm water. In particular, wrinkles on the face tend to collect dirt and cause odors, so please handle them with care.

French bulldog 2

French bulldog history

There are various theories about the origin of the French bulldog, but it is generally believed that English bulldogs kept in England in the 18th century were crossed with pugs and terriers and brought to France. On the other hand, in France, there is a theory that the mastiff dog was the origin, not the British dog.

Size and lifespan of the French bulldog

French bulldog 3


The French Bulldog is a medium-sized dog breed. It has a muscular and well-built skeleton and weighs 9-14 kg for males and 8-13 kg for females. Height ranges from 27 to 35 cm for boys and 24 to 32 cm for girls.


Life expectancy is 10-12 years. Of course, there are individual differences, but it is relatively short-lived. 13 years old is considered rare.                                                                      

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