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Dog daycare and health

 Dog daycare and health 

Dog Daycare hours are basically 9:30-17:30.  Taking care of an old dog sometimes requires a lot of patience and perseverance


Beagle dog care

Although it has short hair, it has a double coat with an undercoat and top coat, so it sheds a lot, so please brush it well with a rubber brush or animal hair brush. Beagles have very little odor and should be shampooed about once a month.
Because they have droopy ears, their ear holes tend to get stuffy, making them prone to ear diseases. Keep your ears clean by cleaning them once or twice a week.
golden retrievers 99

Golden retrievers care

As an active dog breed, daily exercise is essential. Take an hour in the morning and evening to take a long walk. On weekends, it's a good idea to take your dog to a place where you can run around as much as you want, such as a dog run. This breed of dog loves to play in the water, so it is recommended to let them play in the sea, rivers, and dog pools in the summer. To find joy in playing with the owner, throwing a toy to bring it back will deepen the bond.


American Eskimo Dog care

The American Eskimo Dog has a long, double coat that requires regular grooming. Especially during the molting season, if you do not treat the hair loss, it will become tangled at the root and become a hygiene problem. Brush at least once or twice a week.

The American Eskimo Dog is a lively and energetic dog breed, so it is important to give him enough exercise, such as taking a walk. Staying indoors is stressful and can lead to behavioral problems. For obesity prevention and stress relief, please take enough walks.


German Shepherd Dog care

The German Shepherd Dog has a short, double coat. Even short-haired cats can withstand the cold in winter, so they shed a large amount of hair when they change to summer coats. Prevent hair loss by brushing and improving the blood circulation of the skin.

They need a good amount of exercise, taking 1-2 hours of walks in the morning and evening. This dog breed is highly motivated to exercise, so lack of exercise can cause behavioral problems. I love intellectual play, so I recommend incorporating things like searching for things and guessing at smells.

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