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American Eskimo Dog's personality, characteristics and weight

American Eskimo Dog's personality

American Eskimo Dog's personality

The American Eskimo Dog is a lively, obedient breed that loves to please its owner.

They are friendly and get along well with other dogs and children, so they can be kept without problems even in households that are considering having multiple pets with children and other animals.

They are highly wary and territorial, making them ideal guard dogs.

 What are the characteristics, weight, and height of the American Eskimo Dogs?

What are the characteristics, weight, and height of the American Eskimo Dog's

The American Eskimo Dog, which looks like a compact Samoyed, is slightly taller than it is, with a height of 38 to 48 cm and a weight of 9 to 18 kg.

It is characterized by large black eyes, protruding ears, a curly tail, and a pointed muzzle. Males have voluminous "guard hairs" around the neck.

The fur is pure white, and the contrast with the black points that adorn the lips, nose, and eyes makes the beauty stand out.

It has a waterproof, cold-resistant double coat, consisting of a short, dense undercoat and a long, thick, fluffy overcoat that grows upright.

The only permitted coat color is snow white.

What is the lifespan of an American Eskimo Dog? What diseases of American Eskimo Dog should you be aware of?

What is the lifespan of an American Eskimo Dog What diseases of American Eskimo Dog should you be aware of

American Eskimo Dogs have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Although it is a relatively healthy dog ​​breed, it is necessary to pay attention to genetic diseases such as "hip dysplasia", "cataract", "progressive retinal atrophy", and "Leg Purses' disease".

Eye diseases such as cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy can lead to blindness. Since "Leg-Purses' disease" cannot be stopped, surgery is performed to remove the necrotic femur.

Please check in advance before purchasing so that you do not have to make difficult decisions in the future.

What is the point of rearing an American Eskimo dog?

What is the point of rearing an American Eskimo dog

Indoor breeding

American Eskimo Dogs like to stay close to their owners. If you keep your dog outdoors or stay home for a long time, you will feel anxious and stressed.

As puppies, they are very active dogs that are always on the move, but if you give them plenty of opportunities to exercise, they can be docile indoors. You can also keep it in an apartment in the city.

Hair care

Don't worry about grooming your coat, just brush and comb it once or twice a week. The coat has a rich double coat, so it is easy to shed, so please treat it carefully, especially during the shedding season.

You also need to be careful with tear stains. You can maintain a beautiful coat if you take care such as "avoiding greasy food", "giving plenty of water", and "exercising to improve metabolism".


The American Eskimo Dog is an energetic dog, but it tends to gain weight easily, so it is necessary to pay attention to the balance between the amount of food and the amount of exercise.

Lack of exercise can cause stress and lead to problem behaviors such as barking and vandalism, so please allow him to exercise for about an hour every day.

In addition, although it is strong against cold, it is weak against heat, so it is recommended that you consider taking walks in the hot summer in the early morning or in the evening when the temperature is low.


Start by training your dog to be loud and bark a lot. When your dog barks, stare into his eyes and make eye contact with a stiff expression.

Patiently turn your dog's face toward you, and when it can hold back the barking for a while, give it hearty praise.

Also, they tend to be wary of strangers and tend to bark, so it is important to create opportunities for them to interact with people they meet for the first time when they are young so that they can acquire social skills.

It looks cute, but if the owner can't control how it barks, it will become a fierce dog with a lot of unnecessary barking.

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